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Being within the Skin Industry was not an avenue I had even thought of or really knew existed years ago. But somehow I found myself in the midst of a Laser Business that started a fire in my belly that was completely uncontainable! Being apart of a speciality that contributes to peoples lives in such a positive manner is addictive & working with the anatomy of skin is not only fascinating but forever changing. So you could say I'm hooked on helping others with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, a need to understand the "whys" and solve the "I don't know's" 


Compassion & warmth is probably the first thing your going to notice when coming into our clinic because thats a integral aspect I look for within my staff, then you will notice our professional manner and absolute confidence in our training and practices. 


I have worked hard to make sure that our clinic is aesthetically pleasing, calming and welcoming but also never lost sight of the importance of both of our goals (them being the same) giving you the skin you deserve! 


Hello my name is Elissa and I would like to personally welcome you to KOBOKU SKÍN CLINIC