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"Having confidence in my skin was paramount. As someone who wears minimal makeup, I was reluctant to have heavy make up for my big day. The team at Koboku ensured that was the case. The facials before hand, were just perfect for me and that’s because Elissa took the time to tailor my needs for me and my skin. The facials not only had my skin looking flawless on the day, without excessive make up, they gave me the chance to stop and unwind in the months and weeks leading up.


Maintaining a basic cleanse and moisturising regime outside of treatments was easy too. Again, as someone with minimal skin care before Koboku, the low maintenance skin care I now follow, with quality products, has meant I have been able to maintain my complexion beyond the wedding, receiving compliments on how ‘glowing’ my face looks and all thanks to the team at Koboku"






"I honestly cannot recommend these ladies enough! They have completely changed my my skin and my life! After having many years of failed treatments and skin routines I finally found Koboku and have honestly not looked back!"