Our purpose is to bring control & balance to your skin with our corrective treatments. 

Our passion is giving you the ability to regain your confidence & being apart of your unique journey.


It is now common knowledge that there is more to the skin and how it presents than applying a crème or a toner. Your skin is a direct reflection as to your health and wellbeing, your stress levels, hormones, genetic disposition, diet, lifestyle and even the environment in which you live contributes to how your skin presents.


It is our obligation and commitment to continue learning and understanding these direct influences so that we can treat your skin and improve the function and the quality long term.


Our team are committed to further education, investing in the highest standard medical grade equipment & providing the best Skin Care and internal support to ensure your results continue to be maintained and even improve from home. 


KOBOKU Skin Clinic is a proud member of Sustainable Salons.


Our industry can create a lot of waste, we try to make environmentally sustainable choices in our clinic when ordering stock and supplies. We engaged with Sustainable Salons to reduce our impact on the environment and to be assured that if not all, most of our waste can be recycled.


Here are some of the ways they manage our waste:


Plastic packaging is sent to specialist local plastics recyclers where it’s cleaned and made into outdoor furniture, landscape supplies and new product packaging, keeping it in circulation and out of our oceans!

All aluminium, foil, colour tubes, cardboard, paper, magazines, razor blades, unwanted tools and select disposables are sold for recycling, and the proceeds are donated to OzHarvest and KiwiHarvest to provide meals for hungry people.

Select disposable hygiene products used during treatments are pulled apart and the materials are sent for repurposing.



Sustainable Salons also partner with Endeavour Foundation (QLD) and Mambourin (VIC), in creating stronger futures for people with a disability by providing purposeful work within their material collection and processing streams. Supported Employees sort and process the materials for repurposing!


Both organisations are ‘for purpose’, dedicated to helping people with a disability live fulfilling lives – they believe employment is a critical part of this, and so do we.