DMK’s strongest most bioactive form of vitamin C, FibroMax C with its unique microencapsulation technology works to revise ageing, pigmentation, fragile capillaries, dullness and problematic skin. This exclusive formula encapsulates liquid droplets of pure ethyl ascorbic acid, the purest form of stable vitamin C, in silica particles to form a powder that when rubbed into the skin transforms into a liquid. Fantastic for targeting areas of pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines and firming the skin.


How to Apply:

After cleansing, tilt the head back and tip a small amount onto the affected area. Using the fingertips, massage the powder and melt it into the skin. The friction and warmth from rubbing it into the skin loosen the links between the particles.


Available Size:

Available in 7.5g


Therapist’s Tips:

After an at-home Enzyme masque, when the skin is working at its absolute best, apply FibroMax C for the nutrients to be readily absorbed.


Key Ingredients:

  • 20% Pure Ethyl Ascorbic Acid
  • Silica Silylate

DMK Fibromax C