Our scientifically formulated bioactive collagen is specifically designed to transform skin and stimulate collagen synthesis and skin elasticity from the inside out. It’s packed in a convenient 100 gram 6-week supply jar and is tasteless and odourless so you can add it to anything, hot or cold.





Synergistic blend of skin-hydrating bio-fermented coconut water, grapeseed and berries to help promote skin suppleness and elasticity.

This liquid contains approximately 6 billion probiotics per serve measured by NKCA compared to a 25 billion pure probiotic. No fillers, chemicals, fake flavourings, preservatives, artificial colours, stabilisers or food acids.

Drink 15ml daily in any drink, like sparkling water, water, smoothies or juice of your choice. It’s a 500ml bottle and a tummy-saviour being a 30-day supply if used daily.




Hyla Active 3D Sculptured Mask to nourish, calm, hydrate & rejuvenate your skin 


Imbibe Inner Beauty Xmas Pack


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