We use the latest technology, products and techniques to ensure you can reach your skin goals.

Our highly experienced team work with you on a customised treatment plan to get the best results possible.



Together we can achieve truly outstanding and long-lasting changes in your skin and this is why we emphasise the importance of our “partnership” in working together to achieve a common goal…aka your skin is stronger, healthier & functioning better.




We are pretty clear in our initial consultation that what we do in treatments is working towards your skin goals, but what you do at home can either help or hinder your skin's progress. Ensuring you have regular treatments, a consistent and targeted skincare regime, wear your SPF daily, take your internal support prescriptions and manage your stress levels are all going to ensure we are working in union rather than against each other.

By working like this we can build a relationship based on trust and have realistic expectations of outcomes.

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We are all about SKIN. 

This Gift Voucher is a must for a skin enthused lover or someone that wants to revive their skin again. 


You can choose from a specific treatment or an amount for your giftee to make the decision on their treatment themselves.

Vouchers can be purchased online for immediate receipt via email or can be specially requested for a KOBOKU Card voucher on request at checkout or in clinic for a more personal touch. 


KOBOKU Vouchers are redeemable on all in-clinic services ONLY for a 3 year period.

Vouchers are non-transferable, not redeemable for cash & can not be used on products.